Keep interactions under control

Don't let an interested candidate slip away and evaluate what materials they've opened and how many times in real-time, which areas of your offerings and company they're most interested in, and what questions may be on their mind. Predict behaviour based on data and surprise the candidate with a proactive approach that reflects their needs.

Comprehensive data collection of visitor behaviour

Real-time tracking of activity and interactions with content

Notifications and CTA buttons

Intergrations on your enterprise applications

Discover the next-level engagement features!


Connect the HR software gear with the platform and utilize all the advantages. Recruitis, Datacruit, Teamio... with our REST API interface, integrate anything you need.

Info Booth

Find out everything you wish for at the info stand, including the most important contacts and direct communication.

Relax Zone

Uncover the secret of Relax Zone. Have fun while playing games and competing with your colleagues. Beat them in the rankings and achieve the highest score! Let go and unwind a bit with the company playlist on the JukeBox...

Social Wall

Let's share the first impressions about the new job and initiate a brief introduction of all the new colleagues. Social Wall is just the right place!


Monitor and evaluate the whole life cycle - from hiring to a long-time employee. The statistical data give you a complete overview of the efficiency and possible loopholes.

Custom 3D Environment

Impress everyone with a beautiful environment in tune with your brand. The final look depends purely on your ideas and requirements.


Watching videos, filling in the quizzes, sharing content on Social Wall, playing games... every activity adds points to your account. Are you interested in your score now? Thanks to the leaderboard, the company can announce the winner!


Experience the Expo first-hand. Stands may represent the work of individual teams in the company. Let's watch engaging videos, rate them right away, and look through enlightening materials.

What do our clients value the most on Happenee?

An all-in-one platform that is flexible and easily customizable to the client's needs - our team is constantly improving it and developing new, more efficient features.

A dedicated, experienced Customer Success Manager will guide you through the entire process, from event planning to the final analysis of the event, and provide you with practical advice and a helping hand.

If necessary, you can easily switch from an entirely physical event to the hybrid model without looking for another solution.

All-in-one solution for complete organization and management of recurrent in-person events conveniently in one place.

Prevent a leak of personal or payment data thanks to the platform compliant with ISO 27001 and ISO 9000 standards and the GDPR.

Give Happenee a Try!

Learn how Happenee can work for you

Share your needs and expectations with us, and let us build a unique solution that will make your online, in-person or hybrid event stand out!

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