Celebrate the Season

A single holiday party doesn't capture the spirit of the holidays. Create an event that captures all the warmth and the special glow of this time of year.

Ecological and Sustainable

Our virtual events are zero waste, reindeer friendly and carbon neutral.

Independent Of Conditions

Virtual events are not impacted by weather, Covid restrictions, logistical concerns or if guests received coal for bad behavior.

Engagement and Interaction 

Amaze attendees with spectacular and interactive content. Everyone can actively co-create an event to match their wishes!


Employees can share their holiday traditions and memories with the company.

Build New Connections

Our events are built with people in mind. All can interact easily, naturally, and quickly.

Avoid the Cliches

Christmas in a company can be much more than just a simple christmas tree at the reception.

Healthy company culture

Communicate your company values and help build healthy and effective teams.


Not A Generic Christmas Party

Don't have a store-bought office Christmas party this year! This is the ideal time to get your team together and share the goodwill of the season.

Show them that this Christmas is more than displaying a few decorations at reception.

What Holiday features can you look forward to?

Christmas Market

Our 3D Lobby invites you to experience the warmth and magic of an European Christmas market.

An Advent Calendar

Count down the days to Christmas with a small daily surprise.

Virtual Holiday Booths

Our holiday booths let teams share their individual customs and traditions.

Main Stage

Take centre stage and broadcast your video content. With features such as chat, voting and a Q&A, we offer numerous ways to keep everyone engaged.

A Charity Tree

Share the spirit of charity with a virtual tree. Attendees can decide which cause to support.

A Wall of Gratitude

This special place is to express individual gratitude and to share a nice holiday memory.


Every aspect of the Christmas market invites attendees to participate and engage!

Social Wall

Our media wall enables attendees to share photos of their Christmas decorations at home!

What do our clients value the most on Happenee?

An all-in-one platform that is flexible and easily customizable to the client's needs - our team is constantly improving it and developing new, more efficient features.

A dedicated, experienced Customer Success Manager will guide you through the entire process, from event planning to the final analysis of the event, and provide you with practical advice and a helping hand.

If necessary, you can easily switch from an entirely physical event to the hybrid model without looking for another solution.

All-in-one solution for complete organization and management of recurrent in-person events conveniently in one place.

Prevent a leak of personal or payment data thanks to the platform compliant with ISO 27001 and ISO 9000 standards and the GDPR.

Give Happenee a Try!

Learn how Happenee can work for you

Share your needs and expectations with us, and let us build a unique solution that will make your online, in-person or hybrid event stand out!

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