Show your employees the company values and a relaxed atmosphere through a smoothly organized event

An all-in-one solution for the entire organization and management of internal in-person events, including accommodation and transportation planner, with a high degree of interaction between employees.

Active Participation

Boost the natural engagement of all involved

Maximize the participation of your employees in lectures, workshops, competitions, or discussions. Thanks to the mobile application, they can vote, ask questions or give feedback.

Enhance your event with the leaderboard - motivate participants to engage actively and enrich the event with a fun game element thanks to evaluating individual activities by a specific number of points.

Allow your employees to share their thoughts, impressions, fun facts, or pictures on the Social wall and support a team atmosphere and community building.


Share your brand and values all along

Give employees a sense of belonging to your company through complete branding of the application, event communication, e-mails, and badges.

Encourage clear communication thanks to a format that is close to your employees and matches your corporate identity.

Simplify the preparation and the entire event's course by unifying the tools used into an all-in-one environment with the atmosphere and colors of your company.

Accommodation & Transportation

Inspire the right people

Save time – thanks to the reservation system with accommodation and transport capacities directly in the registration form, participants will manage a huge part of the work for you already during signup.

Leave the responsibility to the individual employees. They can decide about the accommodation and transport to the venue for themselves when filling out the registration form.

Have a complete overview of accommodation and transport capacities in one place.

Downloadable Content

Offer exciting and easily accessible content

Have all the company and teaching materials, presentations, or lecture recordings easily accessible in one place.

Choose what will be visible for specific groups of employees, thanks to the system of permissions and roles for individual users.

All digital content can be available to employees during and after the event.

Effective Check-in

Increase participant satisfaction and say goodbye to endless queues

Eliminate participants' stress in long lines thanks to fast check-in at the entrance. Scanning QR codes and printing name tags directly from the Happenee mobile application takes just a few seconds.

Save costs for the installation and rental of check-in kiosks – you can solve it quickly with one mobile application every hostess can handle.

Prevent health risks with an integrated COVID certificate validity reader.

The most popular features for in-person events


Mobile application, microsite, and e-mail communication in tune with your brand.

Attendee Management

Complete attendee management with an overview of registrations, payments, the ability to define different registration types, and the registration fees.


The meeting module offers the possibility of scheduling appointments between participants, with an option to choose a specific time and place at the event upfront.

Social Wall

Networking and community building by sharing ideas, impressions, pictures, and interests with other participants on the Social wall.

Registration Form

Dynamic and easy-to-edit registration form with the possibility to create conditional questions (displayed based on previous answers).

QR Check-in

Entry check-in with QR codes and a badge printer is quick and easy, thanks to an intuitive mobile application that anyone can handle.

Payment Gateways

Connection to payment gateways like Pays, Stripe, and PayPal.

Polls and Q&A

Useful functions such as voting, Q&A, or instant feedback for easier involvement of attendees.

Push notifications

Helpful reminders immediately inform participants via a short message in the notification center of their mobile device.

What do our clients value the most on Happenee?

An all-in-one platform that is flexible and easily customizable to the client's needs - our team is constantly improving it and developing new, more efficient features.

A dedicated, experienced Customer Success Manager will guide you through the entire process, from event planning to the final analysis of the event, and provide you with practical advice and a helping hand.

If necessary, you can easily switch from an entirely physical event to the hybrid model without looking for another solution.

All-in-one solution for complete organization and management of recurrent in-person events conveniently in one place.

Prevent a leak of personal or payment data thanks to the platform compliant with ISO 27001 and ISO 9000 standards and the GDPR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Happenee for my type of event?

Happenee is a unique platform that is ready for in-person, hybrid or virtual events. We have dozens of modules. Just select which modules are a solution for your needs. If your event changes from virtual to hybrid (meaning both virtual and in-person), simply add additional modules and continue planning your event.

Is there a person to speak to who can help me?

Happenee is a unique platform that is ready for in-person, hybrid or virtual events. We have dozens of modules. Just select which modules are a solution for your needs. If your event changes from virtual to hybrid (meaning both virtual and in-person), simply add additional modules and continue planning your event.

May I use only the registration system for my event?

You can and needn't use the full of scope of the platform. For in-person events, our Happenee mobile application can be used for registration, ticketing, check-in or for Covid verification.

Is it difficult to switch to a hybrid event from our original in-person event?

Happenee is adaptable. To alternate to a hybrid event is about adding content into a digital form and providing video coverage. There is no need to switch to a different platform.

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