3D Environment

Take a look around the 3D Lobby.

We create a branded, customized 3D environment that embodies the vision and illustrates the story of your event.

How do you wish to astound the attendees? There are no limits to the imagination in our 3D world!


The main stage comprises the live video streaming section and an interactive panel allowing participants to actively engage, communicate and network with others via public & private chat, questions, or polls.

A sentiment meter gives attendees an extra opportunity to express themselves and give feedback.

This beneficial combination creates an ideal environment for passing on information excitingly and memorably in the spirit of the whole event.

Gamification & Engagement

Dull experience? No way!

Whether the event is entirely online or hybrid, have fun the whole time, including breaks!

Co-create the event, engage naturally, take part and be present. Play a Pac-Man during the coffee break!


Surprise your partners with a unique trade fair experience, reveal individual product line groups, introduce various teams in the company, present the topics resonating with your event!

These are just a few common uses, but the solution is widely applicable.

Expo offers a breakdown of basically any information into individual sections, which are customisable as needed. You can support the topic with a video and share loads of information in the interactive panel.

Explore the world of Happenee

No commitment. 100% fun and quirky.