Professional services

Don't worry about communicating with several suppliers at the same time

Customer Success

You are not alone

Our experienced customer success managers guide you through the entire process, from event planning to the final event analysis. We provide practical recommendations and teach you to keep track of the valid data so you can make informed and proactive decisions.

Project approach

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

User-friendly onboarding process

Production & Content

Leave the production and content to us

We can shoot and produce any live or pre-recorded content with our production partners, and thanks to a virtual studio, we can work with moderators and speakers worldwide.

Complete video production

Studio for virtual and hybrid events

Connecting speakers from all around the world

Event Management

Catering on Virtual Events? Yes, we can!

We are not just a web and mobile application. We cooperate with leading event agencies and bring our clients complete solutions in event organization. We are the only point of contact for you, so you don't have to worry about communicating with several suppliers simultaneously.

Event management


Turnkey events

Give Happenee a Try!

Learn how Happenee can work for you

Share your needs and expectations with us, and let us build a unique solution that will make your online, in-person or hybrid event stand out!

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