Social Engagement

Draw the event participants into action and let them engage naturally


Maximize the engagement of everyone involved

Encourage active participation with handy features such as voting and Q&A, or get instant feedback thanks to the Sentiment Meter.



Sentiment meter

Feedback forms

Social Involvement

Build a cooperative environment

Boost networking and strengthen a sense of belonging among the attendees - on the Social wall, they can share their thoughts, impressions, points of view, pictures, photos, or fun facts and inspire each other.

Social Wall



Exceed all expectations

Define the value by percentage or a specific amount, limit the use by time or number of applications and distribute them electronically to selected participants.






Allow participants to relax

Keep a comfy event atmosphere, help participants calm their minds, and recharge batteries for other activities - with the jukebox! We all know the healing power of music, right?


Custom music

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