Virtual Booth

Create custom booths for exhibitors full of interaction and content.

Lead Generation

Help exhibitors make new business ties and take care of regular clients

Deliver an overview of all participants and the ability to identify potential clients easily. Thanks to clear, understandable, and factual data analysis, vendors always know who is interested in their offer.

Generating new leads

Data and statistics


Connect exhibitors with visitors

Enable easy and fast communication among all parties through chat and video calls. Customers get the answers to all the burning questions, and vendors get valuable contacts and instant feedback. It couldn't be better.

1:1 chat

Video calls

Public chat

Product selling

Give exhibitors a chance to promote their products and launch sales

Show the right way to offer services and products effectively. With the help of our virtual booths, exhibitors can pass on all information about individual options and, at the same time, enable customers to buy immediately online.

Presentation of products and services

Well-arranged information

Online shopping

Content Sharing

Make sharing the content easy and available to everyone

Encourage marketers to share all digital content about their company, services, and products as files, links, or pop-up videos. Offer those interested the opportunity to download it directly in the virtual booth - simply, quickly, and with no issues.

Downloadable content


Pop-up videos

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