Custom 3D Environment

Impress right from the beginning

Build a strong relationship between attendees and your brand through an immersive 3D world representing your values and company culture working as your event lobby.

There are no limits to imagination. Virtual events can take place anywhere. Whether the online environment mirrors your corporate headquarters, conference facilities, a beautiful park or even the captivating view from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Choose from custom-built 3D or more than 30 pre-made environments ready for instant deployment - just add your logo and colours.

Invitation Process & E-Mailing

Inspire participants from the very beginning

Create event microsites quickly and conveniently, so the participants can easily find everything they need and register with just a few clicks.

Prepare e-mail invitations, reminders, and notifications with a ready-made e-mail builder and add something special to your communication, thanks to various personalization options.

Plan, send, and evaluate your e-mailing conveniently - directly from Happenee. No additional tool is needed.

Registration & Payments

Handle the participants' registration with peace and ease

Prepare multi-level registration forms easily, right in Happenee. Conditional questions, a dynamic reservation system, and participant management are already a part of it – all conveniently in one place.

Simplify the registration process with ready-made payment gateways Pays, Stripe, Paypal, or advance invoices and save time thanks to automatic payment matching.

Create unlimited discount codes, define the value by percentage or a specific amount, limit the use by time or number of applications and distribute them electronically to selected participants.

Social Engagement

Boost the natural engagement of all involved

Maximize the participation of attendees in lectures, workshops, competitions, or discussions. Thanks to the mobile application, they can vote, ask questions or give feedback.

Enhance your event with the leaderboard – motivate participants to engage actively and enrich the event with a fun game element thanks to evaluating individual activities by a specific number of points.

Allow participants to share their thoughts, impressions, fun facts, or pictures on the Social wall and encourage them to build a community.

Virtual exhibition

Connect visitors with exhibitors in virtual booths in engaging way

Surprise your partners with a unique trade fair experience - reveal your product lines, introduce individual teams in your company and current topics that resonate with the idea of the event!

The Virtual Expo offers a clear breakdown of information into individual sections customizable according to the exhibitor's needs.

Each virtual booth has its own video presentation, downloadable content, product catalogue or elements used for interaction between exhibitor and visitor, such as chat or video chat.

Data & Analytics

Analyze factual data and keep it safe

Monitor all participants' activities in real-time, thanks to clear dashboards in the Happenee administration, and then evaluate using comprehensive data available after the event.

Prevent a leak of personal or payment data thanks to the platform compliant with ISO 27001 and ISO 9000 standards and the GDPR.

Export the data about event participants and their activities in a format suitable for your enterprise systems.

The most popular features for virtual events


A live broadcast and interactive panel that allows participants to actively engage, interact via public and private chat, ask questions or vote in polls.


3D lobby, microsite, and e-mail communication in tune with your brand.

Attendee Management

Complete attendee management with an overview of registrations, payments, the ability to define different registration types, and the registration fees.

Virtual Booths

Each stand has its own video presentation, downloadable content, product catalogue or elements for interaction between exhibitor and visitor such as chat or video chat.

Social Wall

Networking and community building by sharing ideas, impressions, pictures, and interests with other participants on the Social wall.

Registration Form

Dynamic and easy-to-edit registration form with the possibility to create conditional questions (displayed based on previous answers).

Push notifications

Helpful reminders immediately inform participants via a short message in the notification center of their mobile device.

Polls and Q&A

Useful functions such as voting, Q&A, or instant feedback for easier involvement of attendees.

Payment Gateways

Connection to payment gateways like Pays, Stripe, and PayPal.

What do our clients value the most on Happenee?

An all-in-one platform that is flexible and easily customizable to the client's needs - our team is constantly improving it and developing new, more efficient features.

A dedicated, experienced Customer Success Manager will guide you through the entire process, from event planning to the final analysis of the event, and provide you with practical advice and a helping hand.

If necessary, you can easily switch from an entirely physical event to the hybrid model without looking for another solution.

All-in-one solution for complete organization and management of recurrent in-person events conveniently in one place.

Prevent a leak of personal or payment data thanks to the platform compliant with ISO 27001 and ISO 9000 standards and the GDPR.

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